Monthly Archives: September 2012

Brief Announcements

PRSSA Conference:
The deadline to register for the National Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Conference, which will be held in San Francisco, October 12 – 16, has been extended to Friday, September 21. I encourage all students to attend this valuable networking and educational event. Please see the national web site for more information or send me an email ifyou have some specific questions.

Help Wanted:
I am looking for a student with page layout / graphic design skills to work on a newsletter. Please send me an email ASAP if you’re interested and qualified. This would be a great piece to add to your growing portfolio of work!


Upcoming Quizzes

Hello Students:
I wanted to remind you that students in C193/293 (Social Media for PR) will be writing a short quiz on Thursday, September 20.  The quiz will cover Groundswell readings, Chapters 1 -4. Make sure you’re up-to-date on the readings (i.e. have read + processed the material) and you’ll be fine.

For students in C135 your first exam is on Tuesday, September 25. This exam will cover chapters 1 – 6. Again, attending class lectures and discussion, and actively reading and understanding the material is good preparation. As an extra check of your knowledge, try to answer the questions throughout each of the chapters.

Good luck! With preparation you’ll all do great! While tests can be stressful they can be an effective learning tool. So, enjoy the process of acquiring  knowledge! 🙂

Public Relations Student Society of America – Pacific Chapter

Congratulations to Cortney Ceccato and Chelsea King for being elected as the new President and Vice-President of Pacific’s PRSSA Chapter! This is going to be a great year ahead and we’re all excited to welcome in our new executive Board, including Kinsey Eaton (Secretary) and Katelyn Albrecht (Treasurer).

I encourage all students interested in careers in communication generally, and public relations especially, to join Pacific’s PRSSA chapter. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the field and network with other students and professionals also interested in public relations.

We are beginning our strategic planning for this year, which includes identifying our fundraising goals and program events. As a chapter with many new members it’s a great time to get involved and help steer the future direction of Pacific’s Chapter. Our meetings are on Thursdays at 12’noon in the conference room in the Communication Building — everyone is welcome!

Another thing we’re excited about is that the PRSSA National Conference will be held in San Francisco this year. You can check out the program here.  This is a wonderful event, loaded with opportunities to meet public relations students and professionals from across the country, as well as attend presentations from top leaders in the field. I highly encourage everyone to attend. The conference runs from from Friday, October 12 to Tuesday, October 16.


September 2012- Back to school!

Welcome students to Fall Semester 2012!

I’m looking forward to a terrific semester of learning and engagement with all of you. Public relations is a fascinating profession that is continually evolving, especially with the advent of new mediums and technologies. Public relations is all around us, and I want to challenge you to be critical thinkers and consumers of information and media representations. By studying effective — and ineffective — communication you will be able to better develop skills that will faciliate your own communication planning by being a more critical and reflective communicator.

I want to remind students in the Social Media class to always bring your laptops/iPads to class as well as the current book we’re reading. So for the next few weeks, please bring Groundswell with you.

Here’s to a great semester ahead!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.