Preparing for class tomorrow – Client visits!

This jam-packed, exciting semester will get a jump-start tomorrow with our Client visits. At 5pm, Professor Tromovitch from Theatre Arts will be visiting with our class to debrief us on her needs as related to social media and the upcoming performances. At 6pm, Professor Hatschek from the Music department will join us to discuss the upcoming album drop and their needs vis-a-vis social media.

To remind everyone of the process: tomorrow will be our Client debriefings in which our Clients will explain their needs and concerns. This is also our opportunity to ask all of our questions related to their upcoming campaigns. Therefore, between tonight and tomorrow, you should really start thinking about their “products”/events and how you think social media can be used to help them achieve their objectives.

Therefore, you should also be considering all the components that will go into your social media plans. You must consider: research; goals; objectives; key messages; audiences; strategies; and tactics. Start thinking seriously about your content strategy. Remember, you should think beyond using social media for one-way messaging (i.e. “old-fashioned” promotion); instead, think about how to use these platforms to engage. You can also jump ahead in Groundswell and read on page 68, key objectives the authors identify for organizations to pursue online. These are: 1) listening; 2) talking; 3) energizing; 3) supporting; and 5) embracing. Consider which ones might be most appropriate for your Client in this context.

As mentioned yesterday, you want to show up to your Client meetings knowing all you can about their business. You want to maximize the precious time you have with your Client, and ask questions that cannot easily be answered on your own. I.e. do your own research now on their current social media properties, past events/product launches; etc. Read the scripts, if you are working on the theatre campaign. When working with Clients, you want to demonstrate that you care as much about their business as they do. So, please take time to prepare for these meetings tomorrow.

The fun is just getting started!

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