New Year’s resolution #1: post more!

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I am going to make at least one this year (better late than never!), which is to write at least one blog post per week.

In class we discuss how challenging it is for many organizations to keep “feeding” their social media platforms. It is difficult to allocate the resources to keep our social media platforms alive and humming. And, alas, I’ve fallen into the same conundrum of feeling like I do not have enough time to upkeep my own blog. However, there is so much going on and so much that I’d like to share with everyone interested in similar topics, that I’m going to make a much better effort this year to post more regularly. My goal will be one post a week. One suggestion I have (which I’m going to follow myself) is to allocate a specific amount of time, perhaps 20 minutes a week, to work on my blog. This way, I can avoid loosing track of time and spending way too much of it on social media rather than other priorities.

On another note, this week I am co-presenting a lunchtime seminar at Pacific’s Center for Teaching and Learning (located in the library) on the team-based learning instructional method. I have become such an evangelist for this method because I love how it energizes the classroom environment and encourages student participation, discussion, and knowledge application.

This semester I’ve already been applying some of the principles in two of my classes: Pacific Seminar 2 where it’s a wonderful structure to engage students in discussions about ethical decision-making; and COMM 25, our introductory communication course. I look forward to refining my application of this method throughout the semester.

Ready, set, go! See you next week.



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