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New Year’s resolution #1: post more!

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I am going to make at least one this year (better late than never!), which is to write at least one blog post per week.

In class we discuss how challenging it is for many organizations to keep “feeding” their social media platforms. It is difficult to allocate the resources to keep our social media platforms alive and humming. And, alas, I’ve fallen into the same conundrum of feeling like I do not have enough time to upkeep my own blog. However, there is so much going on and so much that I’d like to share with everyone interested in similar topics, that I’m going to make a much better effort this year to post more regularly. My goal will be one post a week. One suggestion I have (which I’m going to follow myself) is to allocate a specific amount of time, perhaps 20 minutes a week, to work on my blog. This way, I can avoid loosing track of time and spending way too much of it on social media rather than other priorities.

On another note, this week I am co-presenting a lunchtime seminar at Pacific’s Center for Teaching and Learning (located in the library) on the team-based learning instructional method. I have become such an evangelist for this method because I love how it energizes the classroom environment and encourages student participation, discussion, and knowledge application.

This semester I’ve already been applying some of the principles in two of my classes: Pacific Seminar 2 where it’s a wonderful structure to engage students in discussions about ethical decision-making; and COMM 25, our introductory communication course. I look forward to refining my application of this method throughout the semester.

Ready, set, go! See you next week.



Dog days of summer and digital pedagogy

It is seemingly the middle of summer, but as August arrives so, too, does preparation for next semester. I’m dusting off my blog and thinking fresh about digital pedagogy– or how to more effectively integrate digital tools to support student learning outcomes.

As part of Pacific’s commitment to pursuing innovative learning methods, I am participating in a pilot program in which we have access to a slew of new technology-based tools that we can integrate into one or a few classes over the next year. This year, I am looking forward to incorporating a digital assignment into Communication 135: Principles of Public Relations. While I’m still fine-tuning the assignment I think students will be excited to work with these new tools in the context of the course.

I’m also looking forward to developing a digital hub to support Communication students during their internships. I envision an online community where students can reflect, share experiences, and connect what they’ve learned in the classroom to their practical experience.

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer and I look forward to seeing you back on campus!

This week’s blog post

I hope you all had a great weekend! And, congratulations to the Theatre Team for wrapping up a great social media campaign for the Theatre Department!

As you know, this week we will discuss Online Media Relations (Share This: Chps 12 – 16), as well as finish up the readings from last week — Groundswell, Chps 10 and 11 and Briggs, Chapter 5. On Tuesday, we will focus on the Groundswell and Briggs readings. For your blog post this week, then, I’d like you to write a book review of Groundswell. In particular, discuss what you see as the major contributions of this book. What ideas have stuck with you? What ideas do you think were most “revolutionary” at the time of its writing? This book is now 3 years old, if you were going to update it, what material do you think should be included? Finally, do you have any critiques/criticisms of the text? Be prepared to discuss your thoughts in class.

Have a great week!

Assignments and deadlines

I wanted to touch base and reiterate the deadlines for the remainder of the semester. I realize this is the point in the semester where everyone is starting to feel the strain. However, the deadlines in this class are all fairly staggered and I the work is manageable — especially, if you take advantage of the class time that I give you to work on your projects.

As a reminder, here’s what’s coming up:

1) 1:30 – 2:30 minute “MyPacific” video assignment.
Due: Thursday, October 30.

2) 3-page reflection paper, “screen grabs,” and final peer reviews related to Client social media plans (individual assignment).
Theatre Arts team due: Tuesday, November 4.
Pac Ave team due: Thursday, November 13.

3) Live tweeting assignment.
Tweeting to be complete by Monday, November 17.
Storify report due Tuesday, November 25.

4) Final paper: social media plan or case study analysis (individual paper).
Presentations due: December 2 and 4. Papers due: December 4.
By November 13, you should identify your topic/Client in a one paragraph proposal describing your topic/Client and goal statement — to be approved by me.

*5) Grad students – you will write a short, research paper (7-10 pages) that, hopefully, can be used to support your upcoming thesis.
Due: Thursday, December 11.

We will also have 4 more weeks of blog writing. The purpose of the blog writing is to a) encourage you to reflect on the readings, which you should still be doing as they provide insight into your hands-on work, and b) to continue to develop your writing skills and blogging “voice.” Also, don’t forget to engage with your classmates’ blogs on at least 5 separate occasions.

Tomorrow will be primarily a working session. We will meet in the lab again.

As a reminder, there will be no class on Thursday, November 20 nor Tuesday, November 25 — although I will be on campus and available for one-on-one meetings, if needed. Also, there is no final exam.

News and Views

What a wonderfully productive and exciting week we’ve had!

I was glad to see everyone enjoyed Josh Morgan’s visit and you asked some great questions. As you’ll recall, we captured the moment:


Josh Morgan (center) and C193/293 Students, Fall 2014

Also, we captured the social media team and their Pac Ave clients:


I’m only sorry we didn’t take pictures of Ian Hill’s visit and the previous campaign team! D’oh!

As we head toward the mid-point of the semester, remember that I need to see a editorial calendar from each team so that I can keep up with your social media campaigns. I have this for Theatre (in your proposal) but not Music. However, I will anticipate receiving Music’s calendar later next week (after your brainstorming meeting with the Client). Meanwhile, as you proceed with your campaign implementation, if you have any questions that I can help with, please let me know.

Finally, for your blog post next week, in light of having had two guest speakers, thus far, and all the readings you’ve done, and the campaigns you’ve designed, I’d like you to reflect on what you’ve learned so far about social media. What’s been most surprising and/or interesting? Reflect specifically on our guest speakers, as well as the readings, and the work you’ve done. Are you excited to contemplate a career that involves social media or has the allure changed for you? Finally, are there things you’re still burning to know that we haven’t yet touched upon — in particular, please let me know if there’s something you’d like to discuss further — especially if is is NOT indicated on the syllabus for the weeks to come. (I will try to include it somewhere, if that’s the case.)

Have a great weekend!