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Next week’s final blog post

Sadly, we are down to our last blog post. What a journey it’s been!

For next week’s post, I’d like you to reflect on the topic of personal branding. I gave you the one workbook in class, and now I have a few supplemental readings on the concept:
Fast Company: The Brand Called You
Forbes: Personal Branding is a Leadership Requirement

After completing the readings, spend some time reflecting on your personal brand. Then, consider the following questions in your blog post:

1)¬† Review your existing personal brand by Googling yourself. (Ignore search results that don’t apply to you.) Describe the first few things about yourself that come up. If a prospective employer conducted this search, what kind of impression would you make? How might they view your personal brand? How well do you think your brand positions you for the kinds of professional opportunities you’d like to pursue?

2) Self-assessment. Think about your skills, strengths, career-interests, kind of work you’re interested in pursuing, and the other prompts from the branding work book. Then, describe your unique brand in 3-4 sentences, thinking especially about what you offer in a professional context that makes you different from your competitors.

3) Finally, which social media platforms do you think are most useful for you in developing your professional brand and seeking future employment?

Blog Assignment for Next Week

Your blog assignment for next week is to critically reflect upon the idea of personal branding. Do you see the value in thinking about your personal brand or do you take offense at being considered a “brand” at all? Comment on the Chris Brogan piece you read on personal branding, as well as the videos we saw on YouTube. The first one was by William Arruda, who’s posted several videos on personal branding and has his own web site.


And a counterpoint by Seth Godin:

The point is, whether you call it personal branding, or image, or reputation, it does matter. And when you apply for a job, you can guarantee that one of the first things your potential employer will do is google you. And, why lying on a beach in a bikini or your surfing shorts¬†drinking a margarita is a lovely thing to do on vacation (assuming you’re of age, of course!), it doesn’t exactly project the go-getter, “I’m the best social media strategist and public relations practitioner west of the Mississippi and I’ll work 24 hours a day to make sure you meet all your organizational objectives,” image you may think. Perception does matter. Perception is someone’s reality at least.

So, for next week’s post, think about the concept of personal branding and the discussion for and against it, but you can save a detailed analysis of your own personal brand for the assignment which is due in November.