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First day of the quarter!

Today is the first day of classes at UC Davis, spring quarter. It feels good to get back into the swing of things — at least somewhat. I know it is a different experience than what many students, faculty, and staff had anticipated, but I am looking forward to learning new things and to looking at old things in new ways.

Speaking of old things, I am tired of the way this blog looks. I’ve had this blog for quite awhile, dormant as it may have been. But now that I am picking it back up and dusting it off I need to give it a reboot, too. This theme isn’t working for me anymore (Coraline) and I need some suggestions. If anyone has a favorite theme, please let me know. I also am tired of this cover art (from a trip to CNN a few years ago) and this head shot. It’s all got to go. So, I will be trying to revive this blog during all this time at home.

Communication Campaigns 
Professor Hether 
Spring 2020

This quarter I am teaching two classes: Communication Campaigns and a first-year seminar on creativity. I am looking forward to both of them. Today was the first day of Campaigns. I know students are just getting up and running but I think we are going to have a great term, designing a campaign for a “real” off-campus Client.

My creativity seminar gets going later this week and I am looking forward to this opportunity to discuss creativity — how do we get more of it? Where does inspiration come from? How can we nurture it? What are the habits of creative people? And so much more. We’ll also have the opportunity to nurture our own creative impulses through weekly creative challenges. I think this course will be a really healthy outlet while we are all confined at home and we are surely all looking for outlets for self-expression.

Hope your week is off to a great start.

Looking forward to this quarter!

I’m looking forward to the new school quarter beginning tomorrow!

Yes, things are different now than previously planned. We have moved all of our courses online. Yes, it’s a major shift in how I have been teaching and it requires a lot of adjustments from faculty and students. However, I think shaking things up now and again is ultimately good for all of us. (This is, of course, notwithstanding the public health crisis we’re all dealing with. I think we can all agree that we would rather have avoided the lessons we are so painfully learning right now through this health crisis.)

In the context of teaching and learning, however, delivering our classes online requires us to rethink what we’ve been doing and why and to reconsider how we can best support student learning in a new channel. I keep thinking about the lessons we learn in crisis communication: within every crisis the silver lining is that it causes organizations and individuals to rethink how they’ve been doing things and how they might do them better in the future.

This term I’m teaching Communication Campaigns and a First-year seminar on creativity. I’m looking forward to both courses as we’ll be doing some new and different things in each class. I will continue blogging here to share what we’re doing and how it’s going. I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

C193/293 Schedule Changes

I’ve had to modify our schedule — even after last night’s changes — due to the scheduling of some wonderful guest speakers!  Therefore, please note:

Next week, September 16, 18:
On Tuesday we will welcome our first guest speaker, Ian Hill, executive producer for digital and social media for News10 Sacramento. He will discuss the rise of social media in the newsroom and suggest some strategies on how to use social media to engage audiences.

This means that ALL fact sheets and accompanying presentations will now be due next Thursday, September 18. On this date, I will also ask that you hand in a draft of your social media plans for your Client. Get as much done as you can, and especially work on sections that may be particularly problematic for you. The point of the draft is to make this a working document so that I can provide you with some feedback before your Client pitches.

Remember plans should include: Background Research and Situation Analysis; Goals and Objectives; Key Publics; Key Messages; Strategies and Tactics; Budget (likely $0 unless you’re proposing some sort of give-away); and Evaluation. Also, please include a short (250 words) executive summary (i.e. an abstract) and some samples of your proposed content.

A suggestion to manage your work flow: you may consider divvying up the sections and assigning a lead to get the draft going on each section (or 1-2 sections). Then, make sure that at least 1 other person also reads/contributes to that section. Then someone should read the whole proposal for continuity sake, as well. Do not short change your research — remember, think about what we need to know regarding the organization; project; environment; key publics etc. Your research is key as it supports the logic of your proposal.

Client pitches:
The Music Team will now pitch their plan on Tuesday, September 30 (not October 2 as originally stated in the syllabus). This will move the pitches closer together and make room for a special guest speaker from Edelman Digital who will come to class on October 2. I am awaiting confirmation from Theatre Arts that September 25 still works as a pitch date.

Any questions? Please let me know. I’m excited to see how your work is progressing. Hopefully you are as excited as I am to see everything come together.