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Upcoming Quizzes

Hello Students:
I wanted to remind you that students in C193/293 (Social Media for PR) will be writing a short quiz on Thursday, September 20.  The quiz will cover Groundswell readings, Chapters 1 -4. Make sure you’re up-to-date on the readings (i.e. have read + processed the material) and you’ll be fine.

For students in C135 your first exam is on Tuesday, September 25. This exam will cover chapters 1 – 6. Again, attending class lectures and discussion, and actively reading and understanding the material is good preparation. As an extra check of your knowledge, try to answer the questions throughout each of the chapters.

Good luck! With preparation you’ll all do great! While tests can be stressful they can be an effective learning tool. So, enjoy the process of acquiring  knowledge! 🙂