Sample Storify

I love Storify because it’s so easy to use and really supports effective storytelling based on events that occur in social media. Here’s a sample link (very brief) that we’ll discuss in class today. Check this out.

Next week’s final blog post

Sadly, we are down to our last blog post. What a journey it’s been!

For next week’s post, I’d like you to reflect on the topic of personal branding. I gave you the one workbook in class, and now I have a few supplemental readings on the concept:
Fast Company: The Brand Called You
Forbes: Personal Branding is a Leadership Requirement

After completing the readings, spend some time reflecting on your personal brand. Then, consider the following questions in your blog post:

1)  Review your existing personal brand by Googling yourself. (Ignore search results that don’t apply to you.) Describe the first few things about yourself that come up. If a prospective employer conducted this search, what kind of impression would you make? How might they view your personal brand? How well do you think your brand positions you for the kinds of professional opportunities you’d like to pursue?

2) Self-assessment. Think about your skills, strengths, career-interests, kind of work you’re interested in pursuing, and the other prompts from the branding work book. Then, describe your unique brand in 3-4 sentences, thinking especially about what you offer in a professional context that makes you different from your competitors.

3) Finally, which social media platforms do you think are most useful for you in developing your professional brand and seeking future employment?

Next week’s blog post and final paper

As discussed in class, for next week’s blog post you should critically reflect on the documentary, Page One. What argument(s) does the film make about old and new media? For example, consider the values of old and new media and describe how they may clash. Throughout the film we see the demise of so many American newspapers. In light of that, do you think that newspapers are worth saving? Why or why not? What value do you think news organizations have for society and how has their value changed with the advent of new media? Finally, what implications do you think all these changes in the news environment have for public relations practitioners?

Also, by next week (Thursday deadline), you should send me (via email or hard copy) a one paragraph description of your final paper. For this paper, you may choose either a case study analysis of a social media campaign, or create another, original social media plan of your own. Since this will be an individual paper and not a team effort, I will go ahead and modify (i.e. shorten) the original parameters described in your syllabus. I will hand out a more detailed description on Tuesday, but the paper length will be 7 – 10 pages.

If you want to write a case study, you should identify an organization that used social media to effectively reach objectives. You will analyze the campaign and apply some of the best practices we’ve discussed throughout the semester to this campaign. Specifically, you can think about the lessons learned from the Groundswell and see how will the campaign reflects them. Again, more detailed information will be handed out in class on Tuesday. For now, you can search online through sites likes Mashable, PRdaily, SocialFresh, and PRSA (news links) for “meaty” campaigns to analyze.

The other paper option is to design a new, original social media plan for a small business or non-profit. You should identify a legitimate organization that would  benefit from a new or improved social media plan. The format will be similar to what you’ve already done, but this time the work will be all your own, and the campaign will not actually be implemented.

Hope that helps get you started. Also, don’t forget to identify and live tweet an event by Nov 17 — and promote your live tweet on our FB page. Music team also has reflection papers and social media “output” from your last campaign due on Thursday.

Have a great weekend.


Next week’s readings, schedule, and blog prompt

Next week we will continue discussing how the Internet and social media have impacted public relations and journalism. On Tuesday, we’ll discuss the following readings:

1) Beyond Gingras: Tech Innovation Alone Will Not Democratize Media
2) Does the Internet Make You Dumber? or
3) Does the Internet Make You Smarter?
4) The Natives Aren’t Restless Enough
5) How Social Media is Sparking Organizational Transformation.

For your reflection paper, you should critically reflect on these readings. Specifically, discuss the arguments the authors make and which arguments do you agree with, or which ones do you find problematic and why. Try to get as specific as you can regarding the authors and their articles.

Next Thursday we will watch “Page One” — a documentary that explores the implications of the rise of citizen journalism and the possibility of a world without The New York Times (the standard bearer of newspaper journalism).

See you soon!

This week’s blog post

I hope you all had a great weekend! And, congratulations to the Theatre Team for wrapping up a great social media campaign for the Theatre Department!

As you know, this week we will discuss Online Media Relations (Share This: Chps 12 – 16), as well as finish up the readings from last week — Groundswell, Chps 10 and 11 and Briggs, Chapter 5. On Tuesday, we will focus on the Groundswell and Briggs readings. For your blog post this week, then, I’d like you to write a book review of Groundswell. In particular, discuss what you see as the major contributions of this book. What ideas have stuck with you? What ideas do you think were most “revolutionary” at the time of its writing? This book is now 3 years old, if you were going to update it, what material do you think should be included? Finally, do you have any critiques/criticisms of the text? Be prepared to discuss your thoughts in class.

Have a great week!

Assignments and deadlines

I wanted to touch base and reiterate the deadlines for the remainder of the semester. I realize this is the point in the semester where everyone is starting to feel the strain. However, the deadlines in this class are all fairly staggered and I the work is manageable — especially, if you take advantage of the class time that I give you to work on your projects.

As a reminder, here’s what’s coming up:

1) 1:30 – 2:30 minute “MyPacific” video assignment.
Due: Thursday, October 30.

2) 3-page reflection paper, “screen grabs,” and final peer reviews related to Client social media plans (individual assignment).
Theatre Arts team due: Tuesday, November 4.
Pac Ave team due: Thursday, November 13.

3) Live tweeting assignment.
Tweeting to be complete by Monday, November 17.
Storify report due Tuesday, November 25.

4) Final paper: social media plan or case study analysis (individual paper).
Presentations due: December 2 and 4. Papers due: December 4.
By November 13, you should identify your topic/Client in a one paragraph proposal describing your topic/Client and goal statement — to be approved by me.

*5) Grad students – you will write a short, research paper (7-10 pages) that, hopefully, can be used to support your upcoming thesis.
Due: Thursday, December 11.

We will also have 4 more weeks of blog writing. The purpose of the blog writing is to a) encourage you to reflect on the readings, which you should still be doing as they provide insight into your hands-on work, and b) to continue to develop your writing skills and blogging “voice.” Also, don’t forget to engage with your classmates’ blogs on at least 5 separate occasions.

Tomorrow will be primarily a working session. We will meet in the lab again.

As a reminder, there will be no class on Thursday, November 20 nor Tuesday, November 25 — although I will be on campus and available for one-on-one meetings, if needed. Also, there is no final exam.

Upcoming Schedule

Students – my apologies for not getting this week’s blog prompt up sooner. As a result, you will have until this Thursday, 12pm, to post your response. For your blog, please reflect on the photography & video readings (Briggs, Chapters 6 and 8), and consider the questions: What do you think makes an engaging photograph (i.e. especially on social media)? What kinds of photographs attract and interest you — and why?

Also, here is our revised reading/topic scheduled for the next few weeks. I will work on getting the handouts/links to you for the last weeks of reading.

Reading Schedule:

Week 9 (this week):     Social Photography and Video (+ Going Mobile) (revised) October 21: Guest Speaker, Randall Gee (Meet in lab)
Read: Briggs, Chapter 6 and 8
Read: Groundswell Chps, 10, 11

 Week 10:   Online Media relations (+ finish up going mobile)
Read: Briggs, Chapter 5 (Going Mobile)
Read: Share This, Chps 12 -16

 Week 11:   Resume Schedule as planned –
READINGS TO COME (Week 11 – 13/handouts & links)

Social media assignments and other news

There will be no class tonight; however, I would like you to take advantage of this time to get going on your video/photography assignment. I have created a handout with the last, “smaller” social media assignments: SocialMediaAssignments , which we will go over next week, but the highlight are:

1) You have one video/photography assignment to complete, which will largely be done in class. You should start shooting images and video tonight and this weekend, and email them to yourself so that you can access them in class on Tuesday — when we will meet in the Psy/COMM Lab 112 for a hands-on workshop. (However, if you have iMovie on your Mac laptop, you are certainly welcome to work on your own device.)

2) One live-tweeting assignment (already discussed)

3) A short reflection paper of your Campaign experience (this was already built into your Campaign grade; therefore, I’ve changed the Extra Credit Opportunity to something different).

And, of course, you have your final paper due the last week of classes, with an individual presentation. I have staggered out the deadlines as much as possible and will, indeed, give you class time to work on your projects. Remember, we have no tests in this class, but instead have a fair amount of hands-on work.

Meanwhile, I will post the blog prompt tomorrow. Please contact me with any questions. And, good luck with your photography/videography!


Blog Prompt, and Other Updates

For next week’s blog post you should reflect on the assigned readings (Week 8 readings). Specifically, you should critically discuss the three or four ideas you found most interesting and post approximately 3 discussion questions for the class. The discussion questions should build on the material you’ve read and stimulate conversation. We will use your questions to guide our class discussion next week.

I am finalizing our course schedule – we’re half-way through! — and I will post the remainder of your smaller assignments over the next few days. For those of you looking to earn a few extra credit points, I will also offer an optional, extra assignment. Details coming soon.

Have a great weekend!

News and Views

What a wonderfully productive and exciting week we’ve had!

I was glad to see everyone enjoyed Josh Morgan’s visit and you asked some great questions. As you’ll recall, we captured the moment:


Josh Morgan (center) and C193/293 Students, Fall 2014

Also, we captured the social media team and their Pac Ave clients:


I’m only sorry we didn’t take pictures of Ian Hill’s visit and the previous campaign team! D’oh!

As we head toward the mid-point of the semester, remember that I need to see a editorial calendar from each team so that I can keep up with your social media campaigns. I have this for Theatre (in your proposal) but not Music. However, I will anticipate receiving Music’s calendar later next week (after your brainstorming meeting with the Client). Meanwhile, as you proceed with your campaign implementation, if you have any questions that I can help with, please let me know.

Finally, for your blog post next week, in light of having had two guest speakers, thus far, and all the readings you’ve done, and the campaigns you’ve designed, I’d like you to reflect on what you’ve learned so far about social media. What’s been most surprising and/or interesting? Reflect specifically on our guest speakers, as well as the readings, and the work you’ve done. Are you excited to contemplate a career that involves social media or has the allure changed for you? Finally, are there things you’re still burning to know that we haven’t yet touched upon — in particular, please let me know if there’s something you’d like to discuss further — especially if is is NOT indicated on the syllabus for the weeks to come. (I will try to include it somewhere, if that’s the case.)

Have a great weekend!